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Book our food truck for your wedding, party, or special event in Los Angeles County!

Our food truck catering service menus offer unique, fun and flavorful blend of dishes. All dishes are made with fresh produce and presented in style.

Poppa Joe's Kitchen loves to create delicious small bite menus for wedding receptions, cocktail hour, and all other special events. We strive to serve food that becomes a highlight for your guests.

If you'd prefer to design and create bespoke menus that emulate a vision you have for your event, we can accommodate that request!

Food Trucks at Weddings

Introducing a food truck to your wedding adds a unique and flavorful dimension to the celebration, turning your special day into an unforgettable culinary experience. Beyond traditional catering, a food truck brings a charming and casual touch, allowing guests to indulge in a diverse array of delectable dishes right on-site. From gourmet sliders to artisanal tacos, the options are as limitless as your imagination. Pick from various cuisines and menus that we offer or create your own custom special event menu.


The presence of a food truck not only tantalizes taste buds but also creates an interactive and social atmosphere, as guests gather around to savor mouthwatering creations. Whether it's an elegant affair or a rustic outdoor celebration, having a food truck at your wedding adds an element of surprise and delight, catering to both your culinary preferences and the desire for a one-of-a-kind celebration. It is such a fun way to add some of your personality to your big day.


Wedding Food Truck FAQ

Do I need a permit to host a food truck at my wedding? 

Yes, you may need a permit to have a food truck at your wedding, depending on your location and local regulations. Many cities and municipalities require permits for food trucks to operate at events, including weddings. It's essential to check with your local government or health department to understand the specific requirements and obtain the necessary permits. Working closely with the food truck vendor and obtaining any required permits ensures that your wedding festivities go smoothly and in compliance with local laws.

What do I need to consider when it comes to parking the food truck? 

Should your event feature the main meal served from a food truck, selecting an appropriate parking space becomes crucial. This space should be adequately sized to accommodate the food truck while remaining easily accessible to your guests' tables. Ensuring that attendees don't have to venture too far from the heart of the celebration to enjoy their meals is key. Additionally, consider venue accessibility in your planning. For instance, iconic food trucks like LA's beloved Kogi BBQ have certain limitations. These trucks may not be able to navigate steep hills with a 15% grade or higher. Factoring in such considerations ensures a seamless experience for both the culinary aspect of your event and the convenience of your guests.

Have more questions? Please, contact us today!

We Offer Wedding Tastings

Our private wedding tastings are $150 for two people and $40 for each additional guest (up to 5). Make a nice evening out of it with your friends and family. We understand how stressful wedding planning can be and our goal is to make this decision the most enjoyable and easeful. 

This is a great way to get to know our chef, Poppa Joe, and figure out the perfect menu for your big day!

*Our tasting fee is deducted from the invoice once you sign the contract to have us at your wedding.

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