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Our Story

Our Story
Poppa Joe's Kitchen Began


We are here to bring people in our community together over food that either reminds them of home, places they've visited, or to introduce something new to you and create a beautiful memory of flavor. We strive to source a majority of our seafood and produce from local farmers and purveyors in the greater Los Angeles Region. By sourcing products from our local area, we continue to support local farmers and friends. By using ingredients that are present in our region, we are able to serve foods that are fresher, buy food that is produced in a fair and equitable way, and support our farmers who are striving to improve the quality of our food.

Poppa Joe, Joseph Serna, followed a dream to become a well-versed culinary magician and moved from the San Fernando Valley where he called home to attend culinary school in Philadelphia. It was there he found a passion to learn about all cuisines and wanted to somehow unite them in his personal journey as a chef. 

After years of being in the kitchen, he met his now wife, Michele or Momma Serna, and they combined forces to start Poppa Joe's Kitchen. 

Like most things in these uncertain times, we are starting off with care and strategy. Starting off by connecting with our local community first, with long term dreams of building a catering company to reach more of our surrounding counties. 

Keep an eye on us... we have only begun.


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