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Production Catering in Los Angeles County

The world of film and television production is a dynamic and demanding environment where creativity meets tight schedules. Behind every successful production is a dedicated cast and crew working tirelessly to bring stories to life. In the midst of early call times, late-night shoots, and demanding scenes, one unsung hero plays a crucial role in keeping everyone on set fueled and ready for action - the production catering service team. That's us!

The Art of Timing

Time is of the essence on productions. Whether it's a dawn shoot to capture the perfect sunrise or a night scene that extends well into the early hours, the production crew's energy levels need to be sustained. This is where a reliable production catering service becomes a linchpin in the seamless execution of a production.

Imagine a cast and crew working tirelessly on set, hungry and fatigued, their minds distracted by growling stomachs. Such scenarios can lead to decreased focus, lowered morale, and ultimately impact the quality of the production. A well-timed and efficient production catering team, like Poppa Joe's Kitchen, ensures that meals are ready when needed, providing a vital boost to the team's stamina and morale.

Well-Balanced Nutrition:

The demanding nature of productions required more than just a snack or fast-food fix. Crew members and actors alike need well-balanced, nutritious meals to sustain their energy levels throughout the day. Our production catering team understands the importance of a balanced diet and will make sure your cast and crew are fueled properly. A well-fed team is a focused team, capable of delivering their best work.

Our Most Recent Production Project

It was a real joy working with Well Travelled Collective to provide production catering for a Chevy Commercial in November this year (2023). It was 3 full days of providing all meals for the amazing cast and crew all while traveling through beautiful canyons and red rock to some off-the-beaten path basecamps. It was such a cool and adventurous opportunity that we are so grateful for! We enjoyed every minute of it and made some wonderful new friends.

Each time we do production caterings, we learn how valuable our jobs are and it brings us so much fulfillment. We have to keep everyone fueled and upbeat. Great service, warm and amazing food, and timeliness is what sets us apart. Contact us today for more information!

So proud of our team! Cheers to more!!!

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